Kelly Martignetti: Kelly received her B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Redlands, and her MEd from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is currently an Early Education Leadership Fellow in the Graduate School of Education at UMass Boston working on a Post Master’s Certificate in Early Education Research, Policy and Practice. She taught in the public schools for 16 years, grades K-8, before coming to Trinity.  She taught in the D4s for two years before becoming Director in 2011. During her time teaching, she also worked for the Department of Education as a Facilitator for School Reform, a Curriculum Coordinator in Manchester-by-the-Sea, and has taught graduate courses in Phonemic Awareness. Kelly loves working with children and families, and has immense affection for Trinity Preschool. Kelly lives in Newburyport, having just moved from Topsfield where she raised her three daughters.
Patricia Sterner: We are thrilled to welcome Trish to our teaching staff this year. She will be joining Mrs. D. in the Two Day Threes. Trish has been working in the Threes class for the past two years as an assistant and we absolutely love her. She is kind, funny, knowledgeable, and gets right on the floor playing with the children, encouraging vocabulary development and creative play. 
Diane DeBiasi (Mrs. D): We are thrilled to welcome back the amazing Mrs. D. to our teaching staff. Diane taught at Trinity in our Threes program for eighteen years before retiring in 2014 to care for her grandsons. She stayed involved with Trinity by offering our Threes classes a movement program once a month. She returned in 2016 to the classroom to teach with Mrs. Sterner and we couldn’t be happier!
siohban Siobhan Ugone: Siobhan sent her son to Trinity many years ago, and has spent the past twelve years in elementary and preschools working with children. Siobhan worked at Trinity as an intern in our Threes class for a year in 2013, and then joined our teaching staff in 2014. Siobhan is warm, friendly, very loving, and exuberant about working at Trinity in our 3 Day Threes class.
Melissa Fazio: Melissa has joined our teaching staff in 2018 after having worked in the Threes classes throughout 2017-2018 as a teaching assistant. She joins Mrs. Ugone in the Three Day Threes class.  A licensed family therapist, a social worker trained at Columbia University, and more importantly, a mother of four children, Melissa brings a level of warmth, patience, compassion and joy to her teaching. We are so fortunate to have her teaching at Trinity!
Lisa Sugerman: Lisa has been teaching the Fours since 2007. She had been teaching preschool for eleven years in North Reading, Wakefield and Vermont before coming to Trinity. Additionally, for the past 10 years she has run her own business, “Little Lotus Yoga for Children.” A mother of two young boys, Lisa brings depth and breadth of experience working with young children. She brings a wonderful “yoga-like” attitude into the classroom every day, welcoming each child exactly where he/she is at that moment and embracing his/her needs. She is warm, loving, and great fun.
Elizabeth Riley: Mrs. Riley has a teaching degree in Education, and certification as a Reading Specialist. Elizabeth worked at Trinity in 2014-2016 as Monday Enrichment Coordinator and Extended Day teacher. In 2016-2017, Elizabeth taught in our Fives program and was phenomenal. This year she returns as Downstairs Fours teacher with Miss Lisa. Prior to working here, Elizabeth sent her three children to Trinity and was an active parent volunteer and occasional sub. Elizabeth is fabulously organized and has a wonderful manner with the children.
Katie Gustafson: Katie is a graduate of Trinity herself and a longtime Topsfield resident. She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in Spanish, as well as elementary education certification. After college, she taught for ten years in the public schools, and earned her Master’s degree in Special Education with a Reading Specialist certification through Fitchburg State College. Both of her children attended Trinity during which time she was a stellar volunteer. In 2014-2016, Katie worked in both our Monday Enrichment and our Extended Day program. In 2016, Katie joined Jenn Lanouette in the Upstairs Fours, and we couldn’t be happier!!
Jenn-Lanouette Jenn Lanouette: Jenn has been teaching at Trinity since 2012. She was very involved at Trinity as a parent for three years while her daughter was here. Once her daughter graduated, we hired her! Jenn is a wonderful teacher. She teaches in the Upstairs Fours class with Katie Gustafson. She brings a love of children, immense creativity, and a great sense of adventure. We are extremely fortunate to have her teaching here. Just this year she hatched chicks in her class, brought in an assortment of special guests, and enlivened the curriculum. You will love her!
Susan Strachan: Trinity has been extremely lucky to have Susan teaching the Fives class since 2005. She has worked to develop and refine the Fives program, which is one of the finest pre-kindergarten programs on the North Shore. Susan has her BA from Merrimack College, and is taking courses towards her Masters degree in Counseling Young Children. Susan brings her love of children, her organized teaching style, her creativity and fun spirit to class every day. Susan is gifted at making her lessons come to life by infusing them with hands-on activities and trips to local venues. Susan lives in Topsfield with her husband and three children, who all attended Trinity Preschool.
Jessica-Flinn Jessica Flinn: We were thrilled to welcome Mrs. Flinn to our teaching staff in 2013. Jessica is a certified teacher who spent a great deal of this past year subbing in our Fives class. Jessica has her BS in Education, and her Masters Degree in Elementary Education. She has 11 years experience teaching 2nd-4th grades in Worcester and Shrewsbury schools. Jessica is a very gifted, natural teacher, with great skill in classroom management, and a true love for the children. Jessica lives in Boxford with her husband and four children (graduates of Trinity). She and Susan work extremely well together and make an outstanding team.
Judy Turcotte: Judy has worked at Trinity Preschool since 1997. She runs the Extended Day program, serves as a Floating Substitute, manages our school library, and fills in as Director when needed. Judy has her BS in Early Childhood Education, and ran a popular home day-care in Topsfield for ten years. During the Extended Day, Judy offers a medley of science experiments, craft projects, and creative problem solving activities. She brings in a wide variety of special guests—including a lobsterman, a horticulturist, a veterinary x-ray technician, a toxicologist, and former students who report on “life in Kindergarten”. Her love of children, creativity in lesson planning, and her joyous laughter when working with children, make her a real treasure at Trinity.