Due to COVID-19 and EEC Regulations, we are opening in September, 2020 with limited capacity. We will have classes with ten children and two teachers, which will function in ppds. We will do everything we can to eliminate co-mingling to prevent the spread of infection. We are waiting to offer a Threes Program until Spring 2021. We plan to have four Fours classes and two Fives classes. For more information, email Kelly Martignetti, Director at kellymartignetti@gmail.com.

We are regulated by EEC  and do not need to coordinate with the public schools. We have submitted our plan to keep children and staff safe and have been approved to open. We will not offer a combined remote learning and in class learning program. While we are all healthy, we will be in class.

Trinity Preschool, a non-profit, non denominational school, was established as a mission of the Trinity  Church in 1964 to meet the needs of a growing community.  In response to the needs of families, Trinity Preschool has developed programs for Threes, Fours, and Fives.  Optional programs have also been added to accommodate a variety of family lifestyles.

Our Purpose
Trinity Preschool is committed to providing a warm, stimulating environment for young children in accordance with the standards for developmentally appropriate practice set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The Curriculum
The curriculum at Trinity Preschool presents an integrated, process-oriented, thematic approach with the emphasis on children’s literature.  Activities are based on weekly/monthly themes, which combine language, math, science, music, art and cooking related experiences. The children enjoy listening to stories through books and story telling techniques. They are also offered open ended activities based upon the stories in conjunction with the chosen theme.  Additionally, we have implemented the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum in all classes. Sensory Integration play a large part in our weekly lessons with the children, as well as the social lessons learned by playing with new friends. There are many learning opportunities for the children in the interest areas they visit each day.

Who We Are…..
If you were to walk into Trinity Preschool you would see that the children are engaged in many learning activities about the classrooms.  All children happily involve themselves in many of the available interest areas including blocks, writing and reading, art, science, math, and dramatic play.  The literature based thematic curriculum fosters a love and awareness for literature, nature, math and science, poetry, dance and music, and teamwork.  The “hands on activities” promote success and pride. Children feel comfortable to experiment and try new things.
Each day there is a focus on cooperation between children and between children and adults. There are many opportunities for one to one interaction between the children and teachers. Creativity and critical thinking are important components of the daily plans. The children learn to use words they need as well as new words to help them handle challenges of every day life. Tolerance and consideration for others are cultivated.  Throughout the year friendships are nurtured. There is a sense of respect for both the speaker and the listener whether it is a child or adult. Children can express their feelings safely and are inspired to appreciate each other, themselves, and their work.